Picturing Success 2024

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Picturing Success 2024

Gepubliceerd: 08-05-2024

Laatste update: 03-06-2024




Are you an experienced professional in visual media, but find it challenging to secure work in the Netherlands due to language barriers? NPO offers media professionals with a refugee background an unique opportunity to participate in the free Masterclass series “Picturing Success”. We have spots available for 10 talents with extensive experience in the media industry.

About Us:

Net in Nederland (NiNL) is dedicated to provide opportunities for refugee professionals to succeed in the Dutch media landscape. We facilitate access to resources, networks, and training to empower individuals to pursue successful careers in their respective fields.


Join us for a series of 7 professional lessons aimed at enhancing your career prospects in the Dutch media industry. From practical insights on pitching your ideas to starting your own business and building a network in the Netherlands, these masterclasses offer valuable guidance to help you succeed. Over the weeks, we'll be preparing for a final exhibition where you can network and showcase your work professionally.

Who Should Apply:

We welcome media professionals specialised in visual media, such as videographers, photographers, (graphic)designers, and animators. If you have significant experience in the media industry and are eager to advance your career in the Netherlands, don't miss this unique opportunity.

  • Professional English speaking skills are required. All the communication will be in English. 
  • You are a professional in the visual media-industry. (Proven work experience)
  • You have a refugee background, having spent between 0 and max 7 years in the Netherlands.


Send your application to picturingsuccess@ntr.nl before June 1st. Please include a brief introduction outlining your background in visual media and why you are interested in participating in Picturing Success. + attach a CV. (A document with your previous work and achievements.)


Practical Information:

Dates you need to be present in Hilversum if selected:

  • August 22
  • September 5
  • September 19
  • October 3
  • October 17
  • October 31
  • November 14
  • November 28 | Final Exhibition

Please note: this is a project where we offer opportunities to boost your career in the Netherlands, and it does not guarantee a job or employment. The masterclasses are free, and only your incurred expenses (such as travel expenses, etc.) will be reimbursed. Fluent English proficiency is required, and applicants must be available for all dates. There is space for 10 participants.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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